Sunday, May 31, 2009

The DreamWorthy 5-a-Day Gift Card Giveaway

5-a-Day Gift Card Giveaway!

Holy cow, we've lost our marbles!

It's happening again!!!

It's the DreamWorthy Gifts
~ 5-a-Day Gift Card Giveaway! ~

We did some math (yes, it hurt) and determined that this is a win-win promotion. It's a lot cheaper than other marketing/advertising options. Plus, call us crazy, but we just love giving away our gift cards!

So, we are extending our
5-a-Day Gift Card Giveaway until supplies run out! There is no calendar deadline ~ we'll just announce when they're gone. By way of estimate, at our current rate, we should have gift cards for the large majority of 2010.

So, we'll give away a $10 virtual gift card for to the first 5 people a day who send an email to GiftCards @ and ask for one.

That's it! Just send an email and you could win a free gift card! On random days, we may announce that we are giving away more than 5 a day - or we may not announce it but might give away more than 5 because we're crazy - so even if you think it's too late, send the email!

Our gift cards are transferable, so you can buy something for you, for someone else, or give it away!
While you're at our site, check out our Refer-a-Friend promotion banner on the home page, and learn how to save up to 40% on future purchases!

It's always...
Serious Shopping | Crazy Prices at DreamWorthy Gifts!

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