Sunday, November 1, 2009

Introducing the DreamWorthy Private Gift-Giving Network

Hello Social Media Friends, Fans, Followers and DreamWorthy Customers!

The DreamWorthy Private Gift-Giving Network
for Social Media Friends!

Last holiday shopping season, we started thinking about something special that we might do to help our social media friends and customers.

Then, serendipitously, a friend, whom we know only through social media, wrote to us and asked if we could help him. He wanted to send a present to a shared contact who was
also a social-media-only friend. As such, he didn't want to make the recipient feel uncomfortable by asking for private info like an address, phone, or email (or broadcast the intent to send a present, and ruin the surprise).

What a pickle, right?

Our friend seemed sincerely motivated only by a kind, good nature, which we had already come to truly enjoy (a fellow "Pay-It-Forward" individual). This person knew the intended recipient was a customer of ours, and that we had shipped things to them before.

So, we were asked if we'd consider sending a present from our store without sharing the recipient's info... and in fact, even telling the recipient that we helped out this way, by keeping all info private and acting as a middleman.

Cool, huh? We thought so and said yes. And that started the gears turning.

This is Your Brain. This is your Brain on Social Media.
  • Could we do this for others?
  • Would it be viewed as completely self-serving or fun and helpful?
  • Do enough people care about keeping their basic contact info private from their social media connection?
  • Do enough people want to send presents to social media connections, especially in these economic times?
We don't have the answers to all those questions... but we're going to give it a whirl and see what you think.

Here's how we're thinking it would work:

(Click for a larger graphic)

We wondered to ourselves about the amount that people would want to spend on presents for social media friends and whether the cost of shipping and handling
would be a deterrent (normally $8.99 but we offer special "save on shipping" promotions, based on what someone spends). We'd love to hear your thoughts. Keep these promotions in mind as you think...

Special Promotions That Might Help:
  • Coupon code PGGN4SMF * will save shoppers 20% at checkout. We'll likely enter the orders, based on the above process, and if we do, we guarantee that we'll reduce every order by 20% with this code.
  • For anyone who spends $25 on one order, shipping is reduced by 25%.
  • For anyone who spends $50 on one order, shipping is reduced by 50%.
  • For anyone who already has a gift card (we've distributed a lot of $10 gift cards during promotions), we can apply those as well, during checkout.
* PGGN4SMF = Private Gift-Giving Network for Social Media Friends

Flexibility and Comfort

There could be a few other ways to handle things...
  • If you ask in advance if the person is a customer and they are, you can just place an order on our website, use the coupon code, and request that we ship to your friend instead of you.
  • If we place the order for you, we'll send you an invoice through PayPal (so you don't need to share your payment info with us personally) and ship after we receive payment.
  • But we can work out preferred details on a case-by-case basis and ensure your comfort before we finalize.
So, friends and followers, with all that said...

We'll be waiting to hear.
  • Write to GiftIdeas @, send us an @Reply or DM on Twitter @DreamWorthy
  • Give us a shout out on Facebook
  • Or, leave us a comment here on this blog post...
...whatever is easier for you.

Kali & Mike Kunkle
DreamWorthy Gifts LLC
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