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Shopping at its "Find-est" - Good Shopping, Good Coupons, Good Deals

Hey, We Missed Ya!

Hello Readers!

Weeee're baaa-aaack!

Our apologies for the recent radio silence.... between the holidays, our business, and other fun craziness, we have been very hectic. But we have returned to taunt you with our savvy shopping sagas. (Be still, my heart! Or your heart. or somebody's heart, after all... Valentine's Day is coming up soon! More on that next time.)

That said, allow us to sidetrack for a moment and ask for your feedback. We had a great opportunity recently to write a guest blog (called a Spotlight) for Ken Ramirez, owner of Axsys Technology Group, and a noteworthy networking contact and new friend.

You can see the blog here, and while the topic is not our normal online shopping shtick, we would sincerely appreciate any feedback you have to offer. The Spotlight at Axsys also links to another blog we started to showcase our noteworthy networking contacts and friends - it's called DreamWorthy Friends. If you're feeling kindly and are in a sharing mood, please check out the blog at Ken's site and link over to our new creative venture. Then, in a selfless act of extreme virtue, write to us here (via comments) on Ken's site, or hey, just email us at Mail@DreamWorthyGifts.com and lavish us with praise or throw tomatoes (figuratively speaking, of course) - and in general, speak out and let us know what you think. We'd be grateful for your thoughts.

Okay, shopping fans, shift gears and put the pedal down. Last time, we announced our new format.

Exciting eh? So without further adieu... some weekly columns... comin' at ya:

Worthy Water Cooler

Lofty Pursuits
Our first water cooler trip gossips us straight into the lap of luxury at the The Luxury Loft - the indulgence you deserve.

The Luxury Loft is an online boutique for quality handbags and more. We met the owner, Michele, through another website for business owners and joined her Ning site for Mompreneuers.

Check out this cool purse, which apparently is sported by Jessica Simpson, according to the photo. (She's Bart's Mom, right?)

Okay, regardless of who she is or what they say on TMZ this purse is cool.

The News Room

What's The Buzz All About?

So, have you been bee-zy over the holidays? Have you gotten into the swarm of social networking yet? Where do YOU nest? (And can you handle another pun?) So is it MySpace, facebook, Digg, StumbledUpon, Twitter (do ya Tweet?), or where? We'd love to know. Consider it "research."

We met some cool folks recently from a new company called NextBee. They're offering what we found to be a very interesting way to spice up your shopping, create some buzz with your network of friends, and save money for you both. See an example of some of their referral programs here. We don't mean to turn the spotlight on us, but we'll be running a promotion starting Friday 1/9/09. As an example, if a DreamWorthy Gifts shopper (let's say "you" for this example, it's easier) - you refer a friend, and your friend gets a 25% discount. If your referred friend buys something from our site, you then get a special coupon for 40% off! Now, forget us for a moment, and watch for these programs on sites where you shop. NextBee was kind enough to share some places where you can refer friends and get some great deals. (Thanks NextBee!)
So get buzzed with NextBee - shop, tell a friend, and save money for you both!

Social Networks Dominate the Mobile Web

While we're talking about social networking... apparently, traffic to social networks comprise almost 40% of the mobile Web, according to Opera Software's "State of the Mobile Web" report.

The results both show healthy growth in the numbers of consumers accessing the Web from their mobile devices and provide insight into consumer preferences when browsing from their phones. As "CrackBerry" users and abusers, we're into the mobile Web, but have to admit to doing a lot of browsing and research via cell phone/PDA, but doing our shopping cart checkouts via a desktop or laptop. Guess this is the cusp of something big, though. How about you? Do you shop via mobile Web? Weigh in and let us know.

Savvy Shopper - Coupons, Discounts, Free Stuff!
We have two real winners this week. Our first is WantedCoupons.com.

According to the site, WantedCoupons.com is "the coupon hub to find great coupon deals for everything that you want online! Save money on the most wanted brands, stores, merchandise and services with Online Coupons, In Store Coupons, Printable Coupons, Promotion Codes, Coupon Discounts and a variety of Coupon Codes!"

WC also has a coupon forum and a coupon blog.

Folks, this is a cool, well-designed site. In synch with our social media theme, you can bookmark and share as well.

But more importantly, they have amassed some great deals for you. For example, click here to save up to 60% on Restaurant Gift Certificates: $25 gift certificates for only $10!

Now multiply that by a thousand, and you'll get the sense of the savings you can find here. They have premium merchants, the normal crowd, some obscure interesting sites, shopping by category, shopping by merchant, and coupon tips and advice.
Check 'em out.

Hey Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime?
Another worthy venture is a click-over to the ExtraDime site.

They say that an extra million starts from an extra dime. This is a coupon forum with a twist. First, they offer shopping deals, bank offers, credit card bonuses, cashback offers, 0% credit offers, other deals, and more. Whew! And on their home page it says:

Get this:

1) 50 credits ($0.50) just for registering on this forum
2) 10 credits ($0.10) per new thread about a shopping discount
3) Free ad space for your AdSense banner when you post
4) Sign-up money offers from US banks for your next purchase
5) 0% credit card offers from US banks for your next purchase
6) A unique list of US credit cards sorted by annual cashback on purchases
7) Product ratings, reviews and price comparison

You can read the program rules here, but the bottom-line is this: share deals and coupons on the right forum and earn money, in addition to learning about all the other great deals that others are sharing. It's an interesting "save and earn" model. You have to play to get paid... and you get the most credits for helping to build the community, but it's a very creative concept and we hope it works out well for them and their community - and maybe you, if you trek on over and get involved.

And with that said, we'll wrap up our ShopWorthy post for now. Thanks for reading, and as always, happy shopping!

Until next time,

Your friends and Shopping Advisors at DreamWorthy Gifts

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