Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nothing Constant But Change - and Online Shopping

Well, we messed up. Have you ever run a blog search for "Shop Talk?" Apparently, we hadn't either. Not sure where our heads were (don't answer that, please) but we didn't. There are a billion of 'em. Okay, maybe a few less, but too many. So, before we get too settled or get too many posts up (or have followers other than friends ;-), we're changing our name.

(drum roll, please....)

Our new name is, "ShopWorthy... A Blog About Online Shopping."

Catchy, eh? I don't think we'll win any marketing awards, but it does synch with our business name, DreamWorthy Gifts, and it's clear what it's about from the title. So, we feel good about that, and hope you do, too, gentle readers. We'll settle in now.

Ah, but we're not stopping there. Nay, no, nein, nyet, notta chance.

While we're changing things, we might as well go all the way. Our posts have been fun and - we've been told (thanks Mom) - informative, but they've also been all over the place. As you know, focus is ver... oh, look, a kitty! You get the point. So, we are introducing a "format," if you will. We will offer some weekly columns, some monthly columns, and possibly a free-form twist for each post, as it strikes our fancy.


Weekly Columns:

  • ShopWorthy Water Cooler: Product and website reviews
  • The News Room: News; what others are talking about
  • Savvy Shopper: Coupons, discounts, free stuff
Monthly Columns:
  • Charity Corner: Charity Malls / ways to give back
  • Business Buzz: Online shopping business opportunities
So, without further ado, we will share one interesting item as a thanks for stopping by for this announcement, with a promise to have a post up in the new format before Christmas.

Worthy Water Cooler

Buy.ology by Martin Lindstrom |Business Book Brief from BNET

Here's an interesting ditty by author Martin Lindstrom, brought to us by our friends at BNET.

In order to understand the effects of branding on the mind, branding expert and author Martin Lindstorm conducted the world's largest neuromarketing study. In this video he shares his discoveries about why we seem to be immune to cigarette health warnings, why we squeeze a lime into a bottle of Corona, and how to smash your brand into a thousand pieces and have it still be recognizable. The cool video is courtesy of BNET and is also viewable at its
original location

BNET Video

For more information, or to purchase the book, Lindstrom's site is
here , where you can download a PDF of all chapter summaries and see a ton of other cool information. Or, if you are so inclined, you may purchase the book through us at this link.

And with that said, we'll wrap up our
ShopWorthy post for now, with another post coming soon in the new format. Thanks for reading, and as always, happy shopping!

Until next time,

Your friends and Shopping Advisors at DreamWorthy Gifts.

1 comment:

Ken Ramirez said...

I actually think the whole new name is awesome. If you stick with the whole "Worthy" thing, you'll do great.


You might have even considered BlogWorthy.

I'd even run off the pun of "AmIWorthy" for a free gift idea. Maybe setup a landing page with it, and then give away a free gift or something for every 100 customers and have them go to AmIWorthy in order to receive it.

I definitely like the Worthy word in all of it. Great idea. Nice going.

BTW, the blog posts are great to. Get FeedBurner and EZineArticles working for you. Create those accounts as well. Ask me questions if you have them. I'll be happy to point you in the right direction if I know the answer.