Sunday, November 2, 2008

Welcome to our Shop Talk blog about Online Shopping


Hello and welcome to our blog launch! Thanks for being here to check us out.

Blogging is a new venture for us and we have a lot to learn. Oddly, and uncharacteristically for us, we leapt in with both feet today without having any material pre-developed (hey, what can I say... we're living on the edge today).

If you're reading this before we have had a chance to kick-start properly, we hope you will return over time, to check us out and judge us properly.


Okay, set aside family, friends, eating and sleeping for a moment and our purpose becomes shopping. Yes, we visit Tarszhay (Target) and wander around a Nordstrom's on occasion, but the real thrill is shopping online in our jammies (bunny slippers optional).

So, "Shop Talk" will be about shopping, especially online shopping. We believe we have some things to say about the topic that will add some value. But we will also stand on the shoulders of giants and offer links to other great information on the Web, including other blogs, and oddly, including stuff from our competitors. While we do run DreamWorthy Gifts, an online shopping site, it's a big world out there and we don't think for a minute that you'll be a totally captive audience (hmmm... wouldn't THAT be nice for us!), so we'll face reality and try to provide good deals, good value, and take our slice from time to time, if you deem us worthy.

We'll end today with a rare commercial and an introduction to us. Thanks for stopping by today and please come back to see us in awhile, and be patient while we ramp up. We look forward to knowing and serving you. If you have any advice or feedback, we listen well. Write to us at and we'll put our ears on.

About DreamWorthy Gifts LLC

DreamWorthy Gifts is a Web store with thousands of products including giftware, collectibles, candles, bath and body, home and kitchen decor, garden and outdoor, toys and games, seasonal items, religious home accents, men’s and women’s accessories, eCatalogs, virtual gift cards, gift certificates and more.

We are dedicated to providing a safe, productive and enjoyable online shopping experience for everyone with a computer, an Internet connection, and a need to shop for something for someone for some reason (including themselves, and hey, even if the reason is just because!).

We are also family members, Moms, Dads, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, co-workers, neighbors, and everyday real people. We pay too much for gas, are far too busy with work and life, and sometimes don't know what to get that special someone, when it's time to show we care.

That's why we started DreamWorthy Gifts LLC. We want to help regular people like us find the right gift, at the right time, at the right price, in the right way... but also without a few things, too - without driving and wasting gas, without the hassle of rude service reps, and without losing so much of our precious time.

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