Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Gettin' Social" at DreamWorthy 2.0 - The New Standards

Hello Online Shopping Fans and Happy Easter!

We are just dropping by today for some quick announcements about DreamWorthy Gifts. We have a few NewsWorthy items we want to share. This post further clarifies our expectations for a great online shopping experience, and how we are trying to live up to the standards we espouse.


Special Promotions at DreamWorthy Gifts

First, we now have a more robust promotions page. You can see it at

On our site, you'll see an updated list of current special promotions. Currently, they include:
  • Our FREE Shopping Advisor Service
  • An ongoing coupon offer
  • How to save up to 40% by referring friends
  • Other special promotions, currently including two shipping promotions
Here are some additional details.


If you write to and request it, we will make gift suggestions for you. The suggestions get better, the more you can tell us about the person and situation. Tell us...
  • Their First Name:
  • Their Gender:
  • Their Approx Age:
  • What They Like:
  • What They Don't Like:
  • Some Other Things About Them:
  • Occasion (Why You're Buying Them a Gift):
  • When You Need to Give Them The Gift:
  • Total amount you want to spend (including shipping): From $___ to $____.
  • Where to email the suggestions:
...and we'll make some great gift suggestions for you! For free!


Use a coupon you already have or use code DWG20 to save an additional 20% at checkout.


See our Refer-a-Friend promotion on our homepage: Refer friends and they receive a coupon for 25% off. When they buy, you receive a coupon for 40% off! There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer, or the 40% off coupons you can receive. It's the smart way to shop!

Shipping Promotions
  • 25|25 Shipping Promo: Spend $25 | Get 25% Off Shipping!
  • 50|50 Shipping Promo: Spend $50 | Get 50% Off Shipping!

Look Ma,
We Won Something!

Kidding aside, we learned last week that DreamWorthy Gifts won the 2009 Most Wanted Coupon Tournament! We're honored and want to say "Thanks!" to our friends and fans who voted for us.

The tournament started with 32 coupon-offering contestants, ranging from giants like Wal-Mart and to smaller businesses like and See's blog announcement for more details and "Keep On Coupin' On" at!

We're still a little stunned, but I believe this is a real tribute to Social Media/Networking, where we have made some phenomenal friends and fans on Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn and Twitter. Thanks to everyone who voted for us - especially our friends/followers and fellow "tweeters" from Twitter, where we hang out as @DreamWorthy.

"Gettin' Social" at DreamWorthy 2.0
Speaking of Social Networking, we have added some features to our site recently that increase the social aspect of shopping with us... functionality that is often referred to as "Web 2.0." We're not yet, but we are moving in (what we believe is) the right direction. We would certainly like to hear some feedback from you. (Leave a comment or send us an email.)

Product Zoom feature:
See an example here. Place your mouse over the product image and you will automatically activate the zoom feature. Move your mouse over the product to move the zoom window. You can still click the "larger image" link to open a new window with a larger static image.

Customer Reviews by product:

See this link and scroll down to see the area for customer reviews. The image of the candle below shows where a shopper can add a review.

Question & Answer feature for products:
Directly below the area for reviews, you'll see a button to click to send us a question about the product.


Customers can leave a testimonial about their purchase. On our home page, scroll to the bottom, look under "Site Info" and you'll see the Testimonial link. You can also see Testimonials on the home page left panel navigation, near the bottom under "Express Orders."

Wish List & Gift Registry:
This is a fun feature.

From the home page, look on the upper right of the search panel, just below the top navigation bar. When you click on Wish List, you'll see this screen, where you can register on our site or login, if you are already registered. (By the way, registration includes only contact and shipping information.... even though we offer Secure Socket Layering security, we do not store any financial information on our site.)

As a registered site member, when you look at an item, you can add it to your Wish List.

Then, if you tell your friends and ensure they have your email address you used to register, they can shop for you using our Gift Registry. They'll find the Gift Registry on the home page, on the left navigation panel under the Shopping heading. When they click on Gift Registry, they'll see a Wish List login screen, like below.

When they enter your email address and security code, they see your Wish List and are able to purchase gifts that you really want.

Share Feature ~ Tell Friends:
This graphic is a picture of a product page. On it, you can see where to add a customer review, the image zoom, Wish List and our last new feature, the Share this item link. When you click the envelope link, you can complete a form to send an email to a friend (or multiple friends) to tell them about this item. You can send a 500 character message and even copy yourself.

And with that said, faithful readers, we'll wrap up this ShopWorthy post for now. Thanks for reading, and as always, happy shopping!

Until next time,

Your friends and Shopping Advisors at DreamWorthy Gifts

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Wow! the site is really great! I hadn't been by for awhile and you're just full of surprises! Glad I signed up for the newsletter, it's full of stuff.